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Pronto’s 100% Pure Acetone, the ultimate professional nail polish remover for all nail types including natural, gel, acrylic, and sculptured. Achieve salon-quality results quickly with our 8 FL. OZ. bottle.

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Pronto 100% Pure Acetone Professional Nail Polish Remover | Fast-Acting Formula for All Nail Types – 8 FL. OZ.

Unveil the ultimate solution to swift and effective nail polish removal with Pronto 100% Pure Acetone. This professional-grade nail polish remover is designed to tackle even the most stubborn of polishes, from traditional lacquers to gel, acrylic, and sculptured nails with unparalleled ease. Its 8 FL. OZ. bottle ensures you have enough product for multiple sessions, making it a cost-effective addition to your nail care regime. Ideal for both professional salon use and at-home manicures, Pronto’s acetone formula acts quickly to remove polish, reducing exposure time and minimizing effort. Say goodbye to lengthy and laborious polish removal and hello to pristine, clean nails ready for your next stunning manicure.


  • 100% Pure Acetone: High-strength formula for efficient and professional results.
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for natural nails, as well as gel, acrylic, and sculptured nails.
  • Fast-Acting: Quickly dissolves nail polish for speedy removal.
  • Salon-Quality: Achieve professional results at home or in the salon.
  • Generous Quantity: Comes in an 8 FL. OZ. bottle, providing ample supply for repeated use.

How To Use:

  1. Ensure your workspace is well-ventilated.
  2. Moisten a cotton ball or pad with Pronto 100% Pure Acetone.
  3. Press the soaked cotton against the nail and hold for a few seconds to allow the acetone to penetrate the polish.
  4. Gently wipe away the polish from the nail bed towards the tip of the nail.
  5. Repeat if necessary until all polish is removed.
  6. Thoroughly wash and dry your hands after use.
  7. Apply a moisturizer or cuticle oil to rehydrate your nails and skin.


  • Efficiency: Saves time with its quick-action formula, allowing for rapid polish changes.
  • Convenience: Perfect for both professional use and DIY manicures, offering salon-quality results.
  • Cost-Effective: The 8 FL. OZ. bottle provides a long-lasting supply, reducing the need for frequent purchases.
  • Strength and Versatility: Powerful enough to remove all types of nail polish without damaging the natural nail.


  • Brand: Pronto
  • Product Type: 100% Pure Acetone Nail Polish Remover
  • Volume: 8 Fluid Ounces (236 ml)
  • Suitable For: Natural, Gel, Acrylic, and Sculptured Nails


Pronto’s 100% Pure Acetone offers an uncompromising approach to nail polish removal, blending professional strength with versatile application. Whether you’re a seasoned nail technician or a beauty enthusiast, this nail polish remover promises to be an indispensable tool in your nail care arsenal.

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